Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Download a Party Planner for your A5 Filofax

When Judith in her blog posted on these birthday planner pages, salvaged from an old hardcover organiser, I immediately saw how useful they would be. Over the years, my wife and I (mostly my wife, if I'm honest) have organised a wide variety of birthday parties for our growing kids, and having pages like these would have been a big help to us.

I asked Judith if she minded me producing a printable version of the pages, and she was kind enough to send me some clear scans.  I changed them quite a bit and added a whole new section at the front to support finding and booking a venue, which for us was always the trickiest part.

The result is a four-page party planner that I think will be of use to anyone who has to organise parties.

Here's what it looks like. As I said, page 1 is about finding and agreeing terms with a venue.

On page 2, we move into move detail on catering and entertainment.

Page 3 covers invitations. Here, you can list the people to invite and track their responses. Later, you can note down what gift they each brought. Numbering the guests lets you see at a glance how many places you have left.

Finally, page 4 tracks your party shopping by category and other actions.

Using the party planner will make it more likely that your parties will proceed without a hitch. You can download the pages as either an editable Word file or as a PDF file. Either way, it is set up as an A4 document for you to print in booklet mode and then cut in half. Mirrored gutters allow space for the holes to be punched.
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