Monday 29 December 2014

The New Job Interview Workbook - now available for the Kindle

My new book is all about making a Job Interview an easy and enjoyable experience that will result in a job offer. I wrote about it here.

I've now added a Kindle version to the Amazon store. The link below will take you to the book's page in your local Amazon store.

Saturday 27 December 2014

Free Job Interview Workbook: turning your opportunity into a job offer

I had an idea to produce an insert for the Midori Traveler's Notebook that would help people struggling with finding a job. For many people, making the most of a job interview is difficult, but there are ways to prepare that will make most interviews a breeze. So I wrote them into a workbook that you can download, print and add to a Traveller's Notebook or use on a standalone basis.

The workbook is free to download. You can choose either the A4 version or the Letter version. Either way, print double-sided, flipping on the short edge. You can also download an A4 cover or a Letter cover to print onto cardstock, although this is very much optional.

If you know someone who will be attending a job interview and might benefit from this, why not make one for them?

UPDATE: There's now a version for Kindle. You can get it here

Tuesday 23 December 2014

New A5 Filofax Daily Dashboard layout for free download

It seems like ages since I've produced a new Filofax layout. This one is a Filofax version of a Midori Traveler's Notebook layout I recently developed. For the A5 Filofax it provides a generous two pages per day:

Click to enlarge
On the left-hand page you will see there's a simple structure:

Click to enlarge
The right hand page, though, is all about freedom:

Click to enlarge

If you think this layout might suit you, feel free to download and use it. There are a few different download options depending on whether you want to just download and print the 2015 set or think you might like to tinker with the layout, or produce sets for other years or different periods.

The 2015 set

You can download the 2015 set as a full A4-sized document. If you want to use the set in your A4 Filofax, then just print it as it is. If you're printing for an A5 Filofax, then print the set in booklet mode and then cut the A4 sheets in half. You can choose to download the Word version or the PDF version in this format.

If you're using A5, though, and you don't want to have to bother with booklet mode, you can just grab this PDF version, which is pre-shrunk. Just print double-sided on A4 paper (flip on the short edge if you don't want every other page to be upside down) and cut in half.

The sleeves-up kit

Don't like the colours? Want to track different hours? Want a more structured journal page? How about if you need a set for an academic year or for - say - 2019? Then you need to download the source files.

You need both the Word source file and the Excel file and a working knowledge of mail merge. Elsewhere on this site you'll find tutorials and videos to help you. Start with the information at the bottom of the Free diaries pages link at the top of this and every page.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Some reading for the Holidays

I'd be honoured if you would consider spending a (very) little money on one or more of my Kindle books.

If you don't have a Kindle, you can get a fee Kindle app for your smartphone or tablet. Details can be found here.

Here they are:

Journalling School

Journalling School: A Short Course in Personal Journalling provides a straightforward and insightful guide to those wishing to start a journal or those who wish to return to or reinvigorate their journalling. Covering a wide range of aspects and including exercises and questions to ponder, this will inspire any journal keeper or would-be journal keeper.

View on your local Amazon site

12 Easy Life Upgrades

It is hard to find time for personal development. This book recognises this and presents twelve life upgrades. Quick to read, easy to understand and implement, each has the potential to make your life better.

View on your local Amazon site

Very Short Shorts

What can be achieved in as few as fifty words? Perhaps there might be an impression of character or place. There is room for a surprising twist, sometimes.

The right fifty words can be as good as fifty thousand. Read these stories. See if you agree.

(Fifty words, including these.)

View on your local Amazon site

Wednesday 3 December 2014

The Daily Dashboard Midori insert - free files for 2015

I launched my new Daily Dashboard insert last month and invited feedback. Based on the feedback I received, version 2 is now ready. I've played with the times to allow more flexibility around the beginnings and ends of days and there is now a month view at the front of each month's insert.

So here are the files.

You can choose the A4 paper versions or the Letter paper versions.

  Jan 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Feb 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Mar 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Apr 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  May 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Jun 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Jul 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Aug 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Sep 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Oct 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Nov 2015:  A4 version   Letter version
  Dec 2015:  A4 version   Letter version

What you'll download is a PDF file. This is ready to print straight away, without any need to use booklet format on your printer. Just print this straight to A4 or Letter as appropriate, with duplex set to flip on the short edge (I'd recommend you print just one or two pages first to make sure your printer deals with this correctly and make adjustments as necessary.)

Once you've printed out the pages, you can bind them into a booklet and cut to size. This video shows how.


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