Midori TN inserts

As well as Filofax inserts I also design insert booklets for the Midori Traveler's Notebook. All are free to download, print, bind and use.

If you haven't made your own insert booklet for the Traveler's Notebook before, you should start with this post, which gives step-by-step instructions and this video:

Diary inserts

Full size (210mm x 110mm)
Week on two pages 2019 version  2020 version
Week on two pages purist layout 2019 version  2020 version
Week on a page 2019 version  2020 version
Day on a page journal 2019 version  2020 version
Daily Dashboard (day on two pages) 2019 version  2020 version
Year on a page calendar 2019-20 version  2020-21 version
Month on two pages 2019-20 version  2020-21 version

Large Cahier size (210mm x 130mm)
Week on two pages 2019 version  2020 version
Daily Dashboard (day on two pages) 2019 version  2020 version

Personal size (171mm x 95mm)
Week on two pages 2019 version  2020 version

Field Notes size (140mm x 90mm)
Daily log book (week on a page) 2019 version  2020 version
Week on two pages 2019 version  2020 version

Undated diary layouts - various sizes
Undated *Passport size*

Other inserts


Carla H. said...

Ray, this is awesome! I JUST got my first MTN and am in the middle of setting it up and figuring out exactly what I want to do with it. So, thanks!

zb said...

Indeed, these are great! Thank you!

Aye' Shanti said...

Hi Ray, I'm so thankful to have found your blog. I was wondering if you have a month to view 2013 for the Passport Midori size?

Ray Blake said...

That's not one I've done, but I'll gladly add it to my development list.

Derek Cheung said...

Wow, this is awesome!

Any plans to do any passport sized Traveler's Notebook weekly inserts?

Ray Blake said...

It's on the list. Soon, I hope.

Dionne said...

Hello Ray,I love the work your done with all these inserts thanks so much. I am trying to print but am having a hard time. I can not get them to print side by side. Any tips?

Ray Blake said...

Yes. The files print double-sided on A4 paper in booklet mode. If your printer doesn't offer booklet mode, you can achieve the same functionality by downloading FinePrint. It will print 4 pages on 1 sheet of paper which, when stacked together and folded at the centre make a booklet. You simply the trim to the right width.

Patri Pringle said...

Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda Ray, personas como usted hacen el mundo mejor.

Kelley said...

Hi Ray, I saw your comment on another post that you'd had a busy year but were still intending to post diary inserts for 2020 soon. I was wondering if you were going to offer the TN inserts for 2020 as well? I don't want to be demanding so I understand if it's just too much.


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