Other free inserts

As well as the diary pages, you will find a wealth of other insert pages on the site, free to download, print and use. Follow the links to the individual posts which contain download links and printing instructions.

Personal Filofax (A4 paper templates, except where there is also a Letter paper template as indicated)

Don't forget sheet (Letter version)
Weekly habits tracker (Letter version)
Coupon tracking envelope
Improved tasks
Budget pages
Tickets envelope
Dot grid paper (Letter version)
Grid paper (Letter version)
Lined paper (Letter version)
Meals planner (Letter version)
Task tabs
Travel journal
Turbo tasks (Letter version)
Time and activity tracker
Weekly time sheet
Undated monthly calendar
Storyboard (version 2)
Monthly planner
Swing pad
Fold-out page
Shopping list
Media wishlist
Expenses envelope (version 2 - landscape)

There is also a template that allows you to print straight onto personal sized paper.

A5/A4 Filofax

Don't forget sheet
Weekly habits tracker
Project setup planner
Dot grid paper
Meals planner
Party planner
Day planner
CD and DVD storage
Time and activity tracker
Turbo tasks
Cornell notes
Monthly planner
Expenses envelope
NaNoWriMo tracker

Pocket Filofax

Dot grid paper
Grid paper
Lined paper
Improved tasks
Expenses envelope
Task tabs
Travel journal


Jotje said...

Thank you so much for this overview, Ray! Though not listed, I am using the Taks Tabs for the Personal for my A5 Filofax. I just leave the bottom ring blank, i.d. I punch only 5 holes. Works brilliantly, especially on heavy cardboard paper!

Nancy said...

Ray - if you ever feel like creating something like this: http://franklinplanner.fcorgp.com/store/category/prod1160044/US-All-Planners-%26-Refills/5-Choices-Wire-bound-Weekly-Planner?skuId=47907 for the Franklin Covey Classic size (5.5 inches by 8.5 inches) I would love it! Just in case you want a new challenge... Thank you so for all the inserts you've created. I'm STILL trying to figure out how to print. My right margin always cuts off about and inch and a half of text. Frustrating. Some day I'll figure it out.

Unknown said...


Since the early 1990's I have used a diary management program called "Portex".

Unfortunately it is DOS based and getting it to use it on Win 7 is getting very hard.

Would you fancy writing a Win version?

Best regards, and a Happy New Year.

Colin R

Ray Blake said...

Tell me more about it. ray.blake@gmail.com

ellieintheface said...

Thank you so much! These are brilliant! I was hoping something like this would exist so i wouldnt have to try and create it as i can only imagine how difficult it would be to start with.

maccie2 said...

Thanks so much for all these pages. They are just great! I have created A5 forms for myself, but your personal pages have allowed me to go back to my favorite size.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,
Thank you for all of your amazing inserts available here. Have you ever considered making some planner pages for teachers? I have had a go at making my own but don't seem to be getting very far- the formatting in Word gets me stuck every time. I know lots of teachers who (like me) don't like the planner design in standard teacher planner books as they don't have enough room to log everything we do in a day! I would love for you to look at what I've started and maybe develop it for us teachers in time for the new school year.

Ray Blake said...

Have you seen this? http://mylifeallinoneplace.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/teachers-planner-now-available-to.html

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks Ray. It looks great-well done Jar FM!- but is quite specific in its layout and number of lessons/timings etc. I have made my own but am finding it hard to format- I will persevere!

Unknown said...

Hi Ray.
I keep coming back to your page every year, since 2015 when i foind it.
Thank you for all the files available.
I´m starting to set up my planner for 2020, and so a visit to the site is
Thank you again for the wonderful files and printables.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! these inserts are great!

Lorraine the singer said...

I'm hoping that someone is still monitoring the comments here!

Hi Ray and Steve,
I am trying to print the A5 month on two pages but all I get is the wrong pages back to back as A5 or A4 reverse pages upside down (flip on short edge)!

Please can you explain how to get the file to print two A5 pages on A4 paper with the correct facing pages. I managed to change a date for a Personal sized diary but the A5 size is very frustrating at the moment.

I have been using your diaries for a number of years and find them really useful. I have just added an A5 Clipbook to my collection and would really like to be able to print the diaries for this size too.

Thank you,

Ray Blake said...

@Lorraine, guidance is here: http://www.mylifeallinoneplace.com/2014/09/how-to-print-in-booklet-mode.html


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