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Ingrid said...

Hi Ray,

I just bought your book about journaling and I downloaded the all the pdfs 2020 01 Midori cahier daily dashboard A4 for 2020. I saw that they are not in the order I like to have them. I want to work with Staples Arc system or the Atoma system which I find great because you can always add extra pages and everything is binded but not fixed in one place. I also wanted to edit the pages. I know that journaling should be done by hand, but I like to add some astrological stuff. Would it be possible to get the word version from you?
Thank you for your great work. I am looking forward to reading your book.


Ray Blake said...


What you need is here:

Unknown said...


are there new insides for 2020? I use them the last years. Very great Job. Thanks a lot!

Regards J

Ray Blake said...

2020 Midori sets are up, but I'm a bit behind with the Filofax ones. Philofaxy is up to date, though and has them.


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