Tuesday 24 March 2015

Jan-Dec dividers for 2015 for Personal and A5 Filofax

These are a little late, I'm afraid, but I've updated my dated dividers with 2015 calendars.

These are available in Personal Filofax size as well as A5 Filofax. For the A5 version, you can download a version set up for A4 or Letter paper printing.

Download your chosen version (they are all Word files) and simply print onto card, cut out and punch holes as required.

1. Personal size

Jan - Feb dividers
Mar - Apr dividers
May - Jun dividers
Jul - Aug dividers
Sep - Oct dividers
Nov - Dec dividers

2. A5 size

Saturday 14 March 2015

A free Birthday Book for the Midori Traveler's Notebook

This one was requested. It's an insert designed for you to be able to track people's birthdays and the gifts you buy them.

Inside you'll find the year set out so you plan the year's events. Unlike a conventional diary, this is perpetual; you won't need a new one next year.

At the back of the insert there are pages that allow you to record the gifts you gave to people.

You can download this booklet for free and print it at home. Choose either the A4 Word version, the Letter Word version, the A4 PDF version or the Letter PDF version.

What you'll download is a file that is ready to print straight away, without any need to use booklet format on your printer. Just print this straight to A4 or Letter paper, with duplex set to flip on the short edge (I'd recommend you print just one or two pages first to make sure your printer deals with this correctly and make adjustments as necessary.)

Once you've printed out the pages, you can bind them into a booklet and cut to size using these instructions:

Sunday 1 March 2015

Making your own Traveler's Notebook and contents - the complete video guide

Many people have discovered how easy and rewarding it is to make their own special notebook and to fill it with their own contents.

I've gathered together here all my tutorials, which collectively show you how to do it all.

First you'll want to make the notebook cover itself:

Next, you'll want to make booklets:

Or, if you'd rather, you can modify ready-made booklets:

Here is how you put the full notebook together:

Want somewhere to tuck away your credit cards?

And here are two ideas for storage of completed booklets:

Have fun with your DIY!


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