Thursday 18 April 2013

Download a free Project Setup Planner for the A4 or A5 Filofax

For me, the hardest part of any project comes at the start, when I am trying to work out the scope and shape of it and identify some initial actions for each of the key work streams. I generally start with a mind map, which I use to extract the first actions. 

I have now turned this process into a tool you can print and use in your own Filofax. It comes out as a double-sided page. Here is the front:

The mind map starter graphic is a Word Shape custom curve, so if you'd like it to look different or have fewer branches, you can edit the points and change it.

The reverse of the page has room for more actions:

You can download the pages as either an editable Word file or as a PDF file. Either way, it is set up as an A4 document for you to print in booklet mode and then cut in half. Mirrored gutters allow space for the holes to be punched.

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