Thursday 9 January 2014

Project setup planner - now for the Filofax Personal

Some time ago, I made available a Project Setup Planner for A4 ad A5 Filofaxes. A reader requested a version for use in the Personal size, which presented some challenges. The nature of this sort of planning is that it needs space and flexibility, less easily earned in this smaller size.

What I came up with was two pages, both configured in landscape mode.

The first page starts with the mind map template:

On the reverse is a table to log initial actions:

You'll note that there's not an awful lot of room here for recording actions - only ten lines. That's where the second page comes in. It's a continuation page, that has further action tables on both sides:

Both pages will print double-sided, two-to-a-page on A4 paper. You can download the pages here:

   First page - Word file or PDF file
   Continuation page - Word file or PDF file

If using the PDF versions remember to set your printer settings so as not to shrink the pages.

Each file should be printed double-sided with the duplex set to flip along the short edge. You can then cut out and punch individual pages as outlined in this post.

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