Wednesday 29 September 2021

Free Midori TN calendar (diary) inserts for 2022: Part 5 - Moleskine large cahier size layouts

Today's post contains 2022 versions of my layouts for the Moleskine Large Cahier format. As usual, all are available for download as A4 and Letter paper PDFs and are all free for personal use. 

Here we go.

1. Daily dashboard

The Daily Dashboard gives you a booklet per month and contains a monthly overview followed by a double page spread for each day, letting you organise tasks, appointments and anything else you can imagine.

You need a booklet for each month, so twelve cover the full year. I've packaged up 12-month sets for the different printer paper sizes. Here are the files:

2022 full setA4Letter


2. Week on two pages

The week on two pages layout gives you a straightforward planning view, a week at a time.

  2022 A4 version: H1  H2

  2022 Letter version: H1  H2

Printing instructions 

You can print on to plain A4 paper in most of the world, or, if you’re in a country saddled with Letter paper, you can download a special version of your own. Either way, print at 100% – no scaling – duplexing by flipping the paper on the short edge. Then follow the instructions in the video below to bind your pages into a booklet. Remember that for this format you need to cut at a width of 130mm rather than 110mm. If you’re using Letter paper you’ll have to trim at the top and bottom to end up with a booklet that’s 210mm tall (Google will tell you whatever that is in inches, I’m sure.)


Ginkgo Biloba said...

First of all: thank you so much!

But a question: am I right that the first part H1 of 2 Week on two pages A4 version is not the correct one? It is the 'Midori cahier daily dashboard Letter version' again. Can you help?

Thank you again and a have a nice day.

Ray Blake said...

You're right. I've fixed it. Try again.

Ginkgo Biloba said...

Thank you, Ray. It's ok.

Isabel said...

Thank you so much Ray for the free midori TN inserts in moleskine large cahier sizes. I have a request if you can do it, it is possible for you to make a bullet journal insert in moleskine large cahier size.

Ray Blake said...

@Isabel, I've added it to my development list.

Isabel said...

Thank you, Ray.


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