Sunday 15 June 2014

An Index Book (A-Z) for your traveler's notebook

Filofax users have been creatively using their A-Z index dividers for years. Designed primarily for addresses information, people have repurposed them in a number of ways, using them, for example, for:

  • tracking passwords
  • keeping alphabetised general notes
  • recording birthdays
  • keeping lists of books, music etc (owned or wanted)
  • organising collections

Today, I'm releasing a free-form A-Z Index Book for the Midori Traveler's Notebook that you can download, print and bind at home.

 As you can see, there is a space to title the book, so you can maintain multiple books for different topics or different date ranges. Inside, each letter of the alphabet has its own double-page spread:

The pages are mostly grid paper, with an index system at each edge.

You can download this insert as an A4 document or as a Letter paper document.

What you'll download is a PDF file. This is ready to print straight away, without any need to use booklet format on your printer. Just print this straight to A4 or Letter as appropriate, with duplex set to flip on the short edge (I'd recommend you print just one or two pages first to make sure your printer deals with this correctly and make adjustments as necessary.)

Once you've printed out the pages, you can bind them into a booklet and cut to size using these instructions or these ones.

And if you'd like to roll your sleeves up and play with the source Word file here it is in the A4 version and the Letter version.

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