Tuesday 23 December 2014

New A5 Filofax Daily Dashboard layout for free download

It seems like ages since I've produced a new Filofax layout. This one is a Filofax version of a Midori Traveler's Notebook layout I recently developed. For the A5 Filofax it provides a generous two pages per day:

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On the left-hand page you will see there's a simple structure:

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The right hand page, though, is all about freedom:

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If you think this layout might suit you, feel free to download and use it. There are a few different download options depending on whether you want to just download and print the 2015 set or think you might like to tinker with the layout, or produce sets for other years or different periods.

The 2015 set

You can download the 2015 set as a full A4-sized document. If you want to use the set in your A4 Filofax, then just print it as it is. If you're printing for an A5 Filofax, then print the set in booklet mode and then cut the A4 sheets in half. You can choose to download the Word version or the PDF version in this format.

If you're using A5, though, and you don't want to have to bother with booklet mode, you can just grab this PDF version, which is pre-shrunk. Just print double-sided on A4 paper (flip on the short edge if you don't want every other page to be upside down) and cut in half.

The sleeves-up kit

Don't like the colours? Want to track different hours? Want a more structured journal page? How about if you need a set for an academic year or for - say - 2019? Then you need to download the source files.

You need both the Word source file and the Excel file and a working knowledge of mail merge. Elsewhere on this site you'll find tutorials and videos to help you. Start with the information at the bottom of the Free diaries pages link at the top of this and every page.

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