Thursday 23 August 2012

All Stars Guest Post by Femke: The Things We Carry Around

When Femke offered to exchange guest posts with me as part of the 2012 Philofaxy All Stars Tour, we both thought it would be interesting to write about what we carry around with us (as well as our organisers.) Here is Femke's collection of portable essentials. Be sure to visit Femke's blog, Deligted, where you will find my list of carry around items and plenty of other interesting posts besides.

Things I carry in my bag.

1. My Marc Jacobs wallet

I tend to switch wallets, but I just switched to my Marc Jacobs wallet, because it really is my favorite. Everything fits in there and it’s always overstuffed. I love it.

2. My pink A5 Chameleon.

Yes, I carry my A5 Filofax with me. I have just cleaned it out, so I’m only carrying the stuff that really is essential for me and surprisingly, it’s not that heavy! It’s really thin now, though, which makes me kinda sad.

3. A book.

This is my current read. I just bought a stack of books so I’m going through that, but I also have a Kindle stocked with lots of books. I just cannot say goodbye to paper books.

4. My keys.

The Guardian Angel was a gift from my mum, and you can take it out and then it can be used as a coin for a shopping cart. Really nifty. The 100% Bristolian keychain I bought the last time I visited Bristol, I lived there for a couple of months and this reminds me of that time. The other keychains I thought were just fab.

5. My pen holder.

I carry around 7 Pilot Frixions, so instead of keeping them in my Filofax, I got this cute pen holder. 

Thanks, Femke for this look into your bag. 


Doris said...

Femke, I have that pen holder in the folio size. Wish I bought the pen case too. (:

Doris said...

Femke, I have that pen holder in the folio size. Wish I bought the pen case too. (:

DEM said...

I love to see what others carry around with them! Thanks for sharing!


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