Friday 31 August 2012

All Stars Round-up

The Philofaxy All Stars 2012 tour has been running and if you're a regular visitor here you'll have seen that I've been lucky enough to secure some fantastic guest posts.

I've also been writing guest posts for other blogs as part of the tour. Here are my posts so far:

I answered a few questions about myself for Thoughts and Exploration.

I designed a today marker and goal reminder for Imysworld.

I wrote about the things I carry with me for Deligted.

I introduced the new golden age of SF for Fennell Books.

I wrote about how to avoid procrastination for We Really Didn't Need Another Filofax Blog.

I wrote about my system for keeping in touch with people for Steve Morton.

If any of these are of interest, please visit the blogs and have a look around while you're there.  Each of these blogs could keep you occupied for hours!


Josh LaPorte said...

I really wish I had had time over the past few weeks to participate in the All Stars Tour! Unfortunately mid August-October is crushingly busy for me at work.

These posts are all great. I think the procrastination one is particularly helpful. I have found similar success in parcelling out my tasks into a series of discrete "actions." I then just make myself do one. I don't often finish, but if I can get one done today and another done tomorrow I tend to be well on my way to getting the task completed. Sometimes I just keep procrastinating anyway, in which case I try to delegate out the task. Sometimes you just can't win!

DEM said...

Both your procrastination post and your keeping in touch post have been of great help to me! And of course I'm very thankful for your guest post on my blog!


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