Friday 24 August 2012

Filofax Blog of the Week: Filofax Love

Friday means it's Blog of the Week time again. Weekly a different blogger walks us through their Filofax blog. This week, it's Sachiko who introduces her blog Filofax Love.

When did you start your blog?

I started my blog in May 2012 when I bought a Malden Vintage Pink.

What were your reasons for starting it?

I had an Aqua Finsbury before getting a Malden and I'd been really enjoying making dividers and so on, so I thought I wanted to share what I do to my Filofax with other people.

Which post has enjoyed the most pageviews?

My first post which is on my handmade dividers has got the most views so far.

Which post is the one you’re most proud of?

It's hard to pick a favourite- writing posts is difficult for me because I am a native Japanese but I always try my best to create interesting posts.

What has surprised you since you started blogging?

I'm surprised how many nice people there are in the Filofax community.

In one sentence, how would you describe your blog to a Filofax user who hadn’t seen it?

Packed with lots of interesting photos showing Filofax love!

Finally, what one piece of advice would you offer to other Filofax bloggers, based on your own experience?

In my experience lots of people like looking at photos so it's definitely a good idea to have plenty of them on your page, and don't forget to share your cool ideas with us!

My thanks to Sachiko for participating.

If you own a Filofax blog and would like it to be featured in this series, please complete the questionnaire.

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