Friday 17 August 2012

Filofax Blog of the Week: The Life of the Perpetual Student

It's Friday and thus Blog of the Week time again, in which weekly a different blogger walks us through their Filofax blog. This week, it's Kate who walks us through The Life of the Perpetual Student. 

When did you start your blog?

I started my little blog on 12th April 2011!

What were your reasons for starting it?

I had been reading the fantastic Philofaxy for a few weeks after I got my first Filofax. I soon became obsessed with reading other blogs, and I loved the way people could write whatever they liked whenever they liked, and that theoretically there was an audience out there who would read it. I decided I wanted to start my own blog to tell my story and share my ideas, and I'm so glad I did! I love writing and this is my outlet :) I decided to write it about studenthood, because this has been my life for years, and it is very important to me that other students can get all the help and advice they need, so I wanted to give them the tips and tricks I have learnt the hard way, by being the first member of my family to go to university and not having anyone to give me that advice.

Which post has enjoyed the most pageviews?

The most popular post on my blog is this Philofaxy Allstars guest post by the lovely Angela from Paperlovestory! It has over double the views of the next most read post!

Which post is the one you’re most proud of?

Actually, it's not one of my Filofax posts, although I do love writing them! As my blog is called the Life of the Perpetual Student, I don't just write about how to organise ones (student) life with filofaxes etc, but tips and tricks to student life. This post hasn't got the most views (those are definitely the Filofax ones), but I spent a few hours writing this and I think it is quite a good set of tips for first time students. I have also got a few good comments to this post, and hope that it has helped people! 

What has surprised you since you started blogging?

Undoubtedly, I have been most surprised by the fact that people actually read my little blog, and how many do! Almost 60,000 page views to date! (Although some of them were me checking my posts have successfully been uploaded!)

In one sentence, how would you describe your blog to a Filofax user who hadn’t seen it?

Tips, ideas, reviews and comments I have come up with along the way of my Filofax journey!

Finally, what one piece of advice would you offer to other Filofax bloggers, based on your own experience?

My piece of advice is to filofax users, not filofax bloggers, if I may: Don't be over-influenced by what you read on other people's blogs. A few times I have felt that I was completely happy with my filofax set-up or the size of the filo I was using, and then I read a blog post or two that made me question whether I should change my set-up or switch to a bigger or smaller sized filo. This is dangerous because suddenly I feel that I have to change the set-up I have been happy with, and then my filofax is in flux for weeks or months! So don't feel that you have to change your filofax just because you think someone else has a good idea; trust your set-up, and stick with it if you are happy with it and it is working for you!

My thanks to Kate for participating.

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WellPlannedLife said...

I have to agree with Kate's advice to other Filofax users. Too often I am happy with my set up, read about what someone else is doing, and wonder if I too should switch. But why would I? The beauty of Filofax is that you can make it what you need it to be, not adopt someone elses set up (unless it works for you). Great point!

Angel Jem said...

Hear hear.


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