Friday 10 August 2012

Filofax Blog of the Week: Miscellany from a Filofax Fanatic

It's Blog of the Week time again, in which weekly a different blogger walks us through their Filofax blog. This week, it's Sandra who walks us through Miscellany from a Filofax Fanatic.

When did you start your blog?

I set up the page in April, 2011, but my first post was in early June, 2011.

What were your reasons for starting it?

I had been reading Philofaxy blog posts for a few months and was amazed at the number of others out there that shared my passion for Filofax. I started the blog to share my experiences with Filofax and to have fun. I love to write! Photography is a passion as well.

Which post has enjoyed the most pageviews?

My one and only vlog. Who knew?

Which post is the one you’re most proud of?

It's my first post, Start 'Em Young! I dove in with it and became a blogger. Weird.

What has surprised you since you started blogging?

It surprises me that others want to read what I write and to take peeks into my life. It's also more fun to blog than I thought it would be.

In one sentence, how would you describe your blog to a Filofax user who hadn’t seen it?

My blog chronicles my love of Filofax, my values, and my life as I know it.

Finally, what one piece of advice would you offer to other Filofax bloggers, based on your own experience?

Don't worry about the judgement of others. Just write and share what you'd like. And have fun! Oh, wait, that's three pieces of advice. Oops.

My thanks to Sandra for participating. If you own a Filofax blog and would like it to be featured in this series, please complete the questionnaire.

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