Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Filofax and the five frogs

"Five frogs sat together on a log. One of them decided to jump off. How many frogs were left on the log?"

This was a question I was once asked on a training course.

My immediate thought was that four remained on the log, working on the basis of simple subtaction, but if that were the case the trainer wouldn't have thought it worth telling me the story. Then I started thinking of what would happen if the frog unbalanced the log when leaping off, tipping one or more of his fellows from their own perches, but there was really no way to make a guess from the information I had.

The trainer told me that there were still five frogs on the log. One of them decided to jump off, but he hadn't taken any action yet.

That made me think. How much time do we all spend sitting on the log, having decided to do something but not actually doing it?

It is here that we as Filofax users have the advantage. The Filofax is a facilitator of action. It helps turn dreams into actuality, goals into accomplishments, to-dos into have-dones.

Image credit: Bobbie Peachey,


Steve Morton said...

I have to be careful about referring to Frogs around here.... the locals don't seem to like it.

SSA said...

Nice post...feeling productive now... but the Olympics makes it hard to leave the couch ATM :)


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