Tuesday 21 August 2012

Day Planner for your A5 Filofax

Filofax make an undated 'Day Planner' in Personal size. It looks like this (picture from the Filofax UK website):

Click to enlarge
I've always thought this was a handy insert for people like me who can usually cope with a week-to-view diary, but who have the odd day that requires more extensive planning and scheduling.

But Filofax don't make one of those in A5 size. So I decided to make my own. Broadly, I stuck to the same design, but the bottom section on the front page - "Don't Forget" - didn't do anything for me. It struck me that the 'To Do' section had pretty much covered that. So in my version, the lower third is a place to log people you need to contact where you can note what you want to talk to them about, how you plan to do it (by calling, emailing or meeting them) and to track successful completion.

Here's my front page:

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And here is my back page:

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The insert is available as an editable Word file and as a PDFfile. Either way, it is set up as an A4 document for you to print in booklet mode and then cut in half. Mirrored gutters allow space for the holes to be punched.


Alison Reeves said...

Very useful thanks Ray - I'm thinking of sticking mainly to Weekly for an experiment and this will offer a great option for especially busy days.

LJ said...

Ooh - they look good. I've only used my day planner ones a couple of times in my personal, but they were so handy for those days :o)

Cloudberry said...


I use these for busy days when I need to drop down from week to day-view. Good to see that you've made the concept available in A5.

Paul B said...

Thanks Ray. I like this content for my Personal. I feel some tweaking coming on. Incidentally, I have a question. On your videos, how do you add the text, while the video is playing, and you are talking? Is it an extra programme? Its really helpful.

Ray Blake said...

Paul, YouTube allows you limited captioning facilities, but last time I used Windows Movie Maker, which allows you to do much more. It's free, too.

Anonymous said...

Is there a 2 day per page personal layout? and do you do monthly pages too?

Ray Blake said...

Click the 'Free diary pages' link at the top of this web page and you'll be able to see the full range of available diary page layouts.

Keji said...

Many thanks for the insert Ray. This will come in really handy.


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