Tuesday 14 August 2012

All Stars Guest Post by Imy: Zebra Sharbo X Multi-Pen

I was very happy when Imy of Imysworld (obviiously!) offered to write a guest post for me as part of the 2012 Philofaxy All Stars Tour. Her review of the Zebra multi-pen was timely for me, because I've been considering investing in one like it. I hope you'll find it similarly informative. Afterwards, be sure to visit Imysworld.

As part of the Philofaxy All Stars, Ray has let me do this post about my new Zebra Sharbo X Multi-Pen. I ordered it from Cult Pens and got pretty much next day delivery for nothing, free delivery!!! They are amazing when it comes to ordering from them. 

The Sharbo X can hold, 2 pen/stylus/marker/highlighter refills and a pencil, with the options of 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm. 

I ordered the Silver Sharbo X, Zebra JSB Gel 0.5mm refill, OHTO Needlepoint Multipen Refill Fine R-4C7NP, pack of 3 erasers, Pencil Mechanisim for 0.5mm lead, and finally Pentel Ain Stien Lead 0.5mm Grade B.

When I opened the pen and took it out of the packaging it said read all instructions before setting up pen (I forgot to take a photo of the packaging, it comes presented in a lovely box.) I ignored this instruction and just set up the pen with excitement!! 

The main issues I have noticed about this pen are (thought it was best to start with the problems then tell you the good points)

  1. The Zebra JSB Gel 0.5mm refill seems to have a VERY SHORT life span, even though it is the nicest refill to write with, I queried it with Cult Pens and they explained that I either have a faulty refill or it will only last that long, I used it for 5 days very lightly at work in my Filofax and writing telephone messages, no where enough writing for me! The other issue about this refill is it costs £4!!! When it last for 5 days that is just not good enough, I emailed them about ordering in packs of 10 to see if there would be a discount and it came out at £3 per refill, which is quite a saving, especially if they run out so quickly, but it is money I would spend due to how AMAZING the refill writes! 
  2. The pen as a whole is very costly due to the fact it comes completely empty other than a rubber and you have to set it all up, it came to £60 including VAT. 
  3. The last issue I have noticed, is the rubber is fiddly to get to, it is under a screw cap, but I love how it keeps it streamline and tidy and less likely to loose it I guess.

          And that rubber on the screw cap is not a rubber! 

The positives… 

It is beautiful


It holds 2 pens and a pencil, so it's practical.

It is easy to change between each pen and pencil, it changes so smoothly like a well oiled machine, it love how smooth it feels to change! To change the inserts is easy as pie…


And it is so comfy to hold, it just looks like such a gadget pen, you can imagine it shooting a spider web or something… 


Despite the three issues, which are not major ones as it is an investment, I would recommend this pen to anyone, I really love it so much!!! 

Thank you Ray for letting me do this guest post on your blog, I feel very privileged!!!

Au contraire, Imy, I feel like the privileged one, hosting a guest post from a Filofax blogging legend! Thanks for the excellent review.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a new Filofax user and have been looking for a multi-pen to use with my personal size Cuban. This looks like a great pen!


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