Sunday, 5 February 2012

New A4/A5 diary templates are on the way

I have been collaborating with Steve at Philofaxy on some new printable diary page sets.

It all started when it seemed that Filofax might be discontinuing their A5 Time Management week on two pages set after this year. That seems now to have been a false alarm, but in the meantime Steve and I set to making a close facsimile of it that people could print themselves. Steve made the Word template and I adapted it to work with an Excel data source.

That was our test run, and given that this is a template that will continue to be sold by Filofax, we won't be making it available. But we do want to develop some week on two pages and week on a page templates that anyone can download, print and use.

So it's over to you. Let me know in the comments what sort of features you'd like in the templates. Do you want appointment times or not? Lined or unlined? Do you want space for tasks?
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