Sunday 12 February 2012

New A5 Filofax diary layouts

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions. Steve and I have been working on a range of layouts which we're nearly ready to publish. Initially, there will be four layouts available.

The first one is a week per view layout we're calling the 'Enhanced TM Week Per View'.

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Among its features are a number of things people have been asking for, like equal space for the weekend days and a 'Coming Up' section of items to carry forward to subsequent weeks.

Next we have our 'Vertical Week Per View'.

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This one again affords Saturdays and Sundays the same space as weekdays and includes a field for weekly review notes as well as 'Coming Up'. You might use this to collect information and insights for your Monthly Planner.

Finally, we have a Two Days Per Page layout with both lined and unlined day spaces.

Click to enlarge
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In these layouts, a week crosses four pages. We've given all seven days equal billing and left an untitled eighth day space - for 'coming up' notes or tasks or anything else you might want to note on a weekly basis. Filofax do not currently make a 2PPD A5 diary.

Initially, we'll be making the four layouts available for download as full 2012 diaries. You'll be able to get them here or at Philofaxy. We'll also look to make source files available soon so those of you who like to can tinker and adapt. Some of the things you can do when you have the source files are:
  • Make and print a diary for any year - past, present or future
  • Adjust the space given to different days or other template elements
  • Add your name or other details to each page
  • Make a diary for part of a year, or for any period you want
  • Change the language of month and day name
I'll look to do some tutorials if there is demand.

Sets for 2012 should be available in the coming week. We're also hoping to make undated versions of the templates available around then.


Unknown said...

WOW thank you so much. Although I don't think I will be using these I will be telling all my friends. Thank you so much for offering such a great choice that Filofax have currently not offered!
Keep up the amazing work!!!

Unknown said...

These look great! Can't wait to see what you do for personal size. Might actually start printing for myself again!

Unknown said...

Wow, these are fabulous.


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