Friday 17 February 2012

Download source files for the new A5 diary layouts

Hopefully you've found one of the new diary layouts that you like. But perhaps it's not quite exactly what you want. Perhaps you'd like the lines to be pink rather than grey, the dates to appear in Comic Sans font. Or perhaps you'd like to produce a diary now for 2013, 2014 or 2525. Maybe you want to print a diary for a particular period rather than a calendar year all in one go. If that describes you, you're in luck.

Today, I'm making available the source files that Steve and I used to create the 2012 diary sets. Equipped with these, you can tinker around and design exactly the diary page you want, then get your PC to calculate and print it for any date range you choose. In each of the data source files, you just need to change one date - the starting date - and the file will calculate all the other dates for you. I've highlighted the cell with the date you need to change in each of the files like this:

Look for the red-outlined cell - that's the only date you should change

If you want fewer dates, delete full rows at the bottom end. If you want more, drag the formulae down into more rows. If you mess up, you can always download the file again and start over.

As long as you have some basic Word and Excel skills, you should be able to give this a go (I know that some of you already have, using the source files I provided in November for the Day on Two Pages and Day on A Page layouts.) You'll need to be able to set up a basic mail merge file link, and there are plenty of web tutorials that show you the way - Google using the search terms: Word Excel Mail Merge 20xx (where 'xx' is 02, 03, 07 or 10, depending on your version.)

Depending on what version of Word you're using, Word may put section breaks between every record, which will throw out the mirrored gutter formatting in the layout. If it does, the solution is quite simple; do a find and replace on section breaks (^b) to remove them all. You'll also need to add a single page break to the front of the merged document so that each 2-page spread has gutters in the middle for the holes.

Now, if you just read all that and understood at least some of it, get downloading and have a go. However, if it might as well have been Venusian, then you might be better off just downloading the pre-prepared 2012 sets.

Here are the source files.

1. Enhanced TM Week Per View

Download Word file and Excel file

2. Vertical Week Per View

Download Word file and Excel file

3/4. Two Days Per Page unlined or lined


Download Word file (unlined), Word file (lined) and Excel file (same one works for both versions).

Have fun, and please share in the comments any interesting modifications you make.


Ena said...

I really do like your many creations!
There are some which I would like to use in my organizer, too.
But I´m using the Pocket size.
Will it be possible for you to create these fantastic layouts for the Pocket size also?
Have a nice weekend,

Ray Blake said...

I've never made a Pocket size insert, probably because I don't use a Pocket Filofax. I'll see if I can get hold of one. Watch this space.

Ena said...

Thanks, Ray!
I´m looking forward to it - and won´t stop watching your blog... :-)

Ray Blake said...

@Renate: email me (ray DOT blake AT gmail DOT com) and I'll send you a couple of Pocket-sized layouts to try.

lionsze said...

This is absolutely amazing!
The furthest I got was doing the templates and writing the dates in by hand!
At the moment I am not using my A5 filofax. For work purpose having all Monday to Sunday on a side of A5 was not enough space. So this year I (by hand) made my own A4 diary - to maximum the Mon-Fri space I put Sat/Sun on the right. But an A4 one is a bit too heavy..

Is your word doc like a template I can play around with?
I would love to experiment with having A5, Mon-Fri on left and Sat/Sun and to-do list on the right.

Ray Blake said...

Yes, the templates are fully editable. Have fun!


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