Thursday, 1 December 2011

A5 business setup and tabs

I'm working in Bermuda this week and next, providing consultancy for an organisation here. That means my  A5 Kensington was dusted off last week and filled with my consulting tools and papers relevant to this client.

I'm particularly happy with the new tabs I made. These are plain 160 gsm card, cut down from A4 to 2 A5 pieces, punched with a tab added at the side. Each of those tabs starts off looking like this in MS PowerPoint:
Then I cut them out, apply glue, fold them over so the tab part sticks to itself and the large rectangles attach to the front and back of the cut card. When the glue is dry, I wrap a piece of adhesive plastic film around the whole thing and trim with a craft knife. Here's a closeup of the finished tab:

I like the way these tabs look. They make a great impression on the client too.
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