Tuesday 13 December 2011

Free London Underground Map for your Filofax

I know you can buy these maps ready-made for your Filofax, but:
  1. The map actually changes fairly often, with stations closing and reopening; staying current would cost a fortune; and
  2. London Underground hand out lovely ones for free at every station. 
Here is one of the free ones I picked up today:

It's smaller than Filofax Personal paper and it folds out beautifully:

You don't want to punch holes in that. And if you did, it wouldn't open properly. You could put it in a pocket or clear envelope, I suppose, but here's a better idea: recycle some packaging. Here is something I bought that's sealed in unnecessary plastic:

The back of the package is a little flat sheet of transparent, firm plastic. Using a craft knife, I liberated it, trimmed it and punched it so as to end up with a sort of shorter 'today' marker:

Then, it's just a matter of using glue to attach the map. I used a clear-drying glue so you can even see the content where the join is:

Here it is, stowed away in my Filo:

And here it is, unfurled and in action:

This trick is fantastic for all sorts of little maps and booklets that fold out. What other ones can you think of?


LJ said...

Oh my word, you are just too clever!!! I can never think of good ideas like that. I will shortly be off to see what plastic packaging I can salvage, and will be paying lots of attention on Christmas day to see if there are any pieces of a size I could use in my Filos... :o)

Unknown said...

What a great idea, one that I will be stealing! Thank you :)

Ray Blake said...

Thanks, both. And don't think of it as stealing. I put this stuff up because I think people might like to know about it and do it for themsleves. Filofax people are great at sharing cool ideas and I'm glad to be part of that.

SNARLing: said...

wow. you have some great ideas. FOLLOW

lifeconsidered said...

This is absolutely ingenious! And i love that you've recycled some of that 'unnecessary plastic' that cluttering up our universe.

Sweetspot said...

Excellent idea! I call it an "a-ha" moment!

Dollface said...

i have one floating in the front flap of my pocket amazona.. i had to trim the very top and very bottom (but frankly- who'd be seen in zone 4 anyway?) but i don't have a whole punch so it's just going to stay floating for the time being!

unless santa got my letter..

Unknown said...


I am going to pick on up on Sunday, but i will just use a today ruler as i seem to have hundreds lying around (maybe not hundreds) but THANK YOU :-D x

icclewu said...

That really is a genius idea!!!! I may use that for sticking family trinkets in that I don't really want to hole punch. Thank you!!!! Xx


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