Sunday, 18 December 2011

Expenses envelopes for the Filofax Personal

Remember expenses envelopes? You could write all your details on the front and collect your receipts all in one place. I think you can still get them for the A5, but the Personal ones are history. Until now.

Yes, it's DIY time again.

Making your own means that you can put whatever headings you want. So apart from the date, description and amount, I just have a column called 'A/C' that lets me add a code to identify whether I paid from a Visa card, or cash or by switch, say.

The template is available as an editable MS Publisher document and as an Adobe PDF.  I used a font and line weights that makes this look very much like an authentic Filofax product, but you can change this however you like in the Publisher version.

Download your choice and get printing. The picture above should give you a clear idea of the folding and glueing you'll need to do. Here are the steps:

  1. Print out onto the A4 paper weight of your choice (standard 80 gsm is fine)
  2. Cut out
  3. Fold (I tend to do the folding before the cutting out, using the corner lines as folding guides, but it’s a personal choice.)
  4. Glue or tape one vertical flap to its twin (I use double-sided tape)
  5. Glue or tape the bottom flap (keep the top one unglued – obviously!)
  6. Punch holes
  7. Add to your ‘Financial’ section
Note that I've produced these on A4 paper because here in the UK and Europe that's our standard size. If you are using Letter paper, try to adjust your print settings so you don't 'scale to paper size' and end up with an envelope that's not quite the right size. 

I wish Filofax still sold the original envelopes. But the truth of the matter is, designing and making these was fun. And it made me wonder what else I could use full-sized Filofax Personal envelopes for, especially if I were to print on the front in landscape format. Hmm...


I've now made a video showing what to do once you've printed out the template.

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