Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Making transparent dividers with floating tabs

I often produce bound reports for clients, so I have a variety of report binding machines. I also have a stock of clear plastic covers, like these:

There are fifty in a pack. Each one will yield three Personal size flyleaves, or two A5 ones, provided you have a ruler, a craft knife and a hole punch. So far, so good.

However, another use for them is to cut them out with tabs at the top or side to make transparent dividers. On the face of it, this is a silly idea, because the one thing you want your tabs to be is visible, but bear with me.

You can either cut from measurements or you can draw around a template using a CD pen. An exisiting flyleaf with a Post-It index tab on it makes a good template to draw around. If you place the straight edges at the corner of the sheet, you need only draw around and cut two edges rather than four.

Use a label maker next to make your tab titles. Use a small setting for the text. I always have to trim the labels my maker produces to use them on tabs. I find that if I use the 'box' setting, the label maker will make some nice cutting lines for me:

Cut down the labels and add to the tabs - front and back - and add to your binder. You'll find the labels seem to float in the air:

It's a nice look. My thanks to Vanjilla, who suggested I write this idea up after I mentioned it on her blog.
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