Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Print your own Travel Journal pages

Some time ago, Filofax released a special pack of travel-related inserts for the Personal size Filofax. At its core was a 'Travel Journal' in which you could record the daily events and experiences of a trip. Unfortunately, this wasn't particularly flexible. Only a certain number of pages came in the pack, so if your trip was a long one - or you wanted to use the journal for multiple trips - you needed to buy whole extra packs.

The idea of a Filofax Travel Journal is a popular one, though, as a trawl through the comments on Philofaxy will show you. I had an offline friend ask me about producing a version for a trip she was taking. So I decided to produce one that you can print at home and that will cater for as many trips as you like, each lasting as long as you like.

At the heart of the journal is this two-page spread. You can use one of these for each day of the trip.

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Now, because each day has its own two-day spread, I needed to find a way of giving a front and back page that didn't look clunky. What I did was to produce end pages. The end pages comprise:

  • A front page to hold overall trip information, with the first page of the daily 2-page spread on its reverse.
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  • A back page to hold final reflections, with the second page of the daily 2-page spread on the reverse.

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Think of these as the front and back covers of a book, and put as many daily page spreads between them as you need for your trip.

You can download the pages either as editable Word files or as PDF files. If using the PDF versions remember to set your printer settings so as not to shrink the pages.
Download the main pages as a Word file or a PDF file.

Download the end pages as a Word file or a PDF file.

Each file should be printed double-sided with the duplex set to flip along the short edge. You can then cut out and punch individual pages as outlined in this post.
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