Friday 1 June 2012

Filofax Blog of the Week: Joshua Buffum LaPorte

What I really enjoy about preparing 'Blog of the Week' is getting the opportunity to look in depth at such a wide range of blogs all devoted to Filofax.  

This week, Josh introduces us to the Joshua Buffum LaPorte blog.

When did you start your blog?

I joined Tumblr a couple of years ago, and have gone through fits of posting between long pauses.

What were your reasons for starting it?

I started using Tumblr to share photos and give myself an outlet for my various interests. As I became focused on time management and planning, largely due to changes at work, I found it helpful to write about it and summarize what I was learning in the blog format. Then I found that short videos work well when I want to demonstrate something. While Filofax seems to be marketing its product as a fashion accessory, I use mine first and foremost as a tool, and I like to speak to that in my blog and video posts. As you can see by visiting, I also comment on non-filofax stuff and or share images and video and such that strikes my fancy.

Which post has enjoyed the most pageviews?

I've no idea! Tumblr doesn't do a page counter "out of the box," and I've never felt the need to add a widget. I was interested in Steve Morton's post of tips for filofax blogs, which seemed to point to tips to build and sustain a readership. I've not concerned myself with this, but it does certainly feel nice when people complement me on a post or video!.

Which post is the one you’re most proud of?

I think that my early Filofax Love post is my favorite. I think that putting my process of landing on a portable looseleaf binder type system helped me process through the advantages of this type of system.

What has surprised you since you started blogging?

That people are interested in what I have to say! I've really learned so much, and I love how sometimes when I demonstrate a problem with a specific insert or process, someone chimes in a comment explaining the work around or what have you to solve it!

In one sentence, how would you describe your blog to a Filofax user who hadn’t seen it?

A highly personal blog detailing my interests and how I've made paper planners work for my needs. (cheesy beyond belief. Sorry!)

Finally, what one piece of advice would you offer to other Filofax bloggers, based on your own experience?

If you are interested in more than just filofaxes, just go ahead and talk about what interests you!

My thanks to Josh for participating.

If you own a Filofax blog and would like it to be featured in this series, please complete the questionnaire.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this feature, even though I already follow most of the bloggers you've featured. I'd totally participate, but unfortunately Filofax is only one of the bajillion things I blog about.

Oh, and in case no one has mentioned it, the "filofax love" link goes to a page that says Not Found. I'm off to find the page anyway, since the post sounds great!

Ray Blake said...

Thanks, J. I've fixed the link. And don't consider your eclecticism as a barrier to participating. I'd be happy to include your blog.

Raine said...

That is so cool! When answering the questions I also said the same thing about what surprised me blogging: that people are actually interested on what I have to say and that someone out there had the same experience/ problems as me ;) Very nice interview Joshua!


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