Monday, 18 June 2012

My new set of Filofax dividers

For a while I have wanted to make dividers from some nice photographs, so I sat down with Google images to find some nice architecturally-themed ones. I wanted some dividers that were a little more masculine than the home-made ones you often see, but you could use any pictures at all.

I printed them on card and cut them to size with tabs, using the method I recently shared here. I added a little longevity to the tabs by wrapping them in clear adhesive film and removing the excess with a knife. If you look at the standard Filofax dividers you'll notice they do exactly the same thing.

Then it was simply a matter of getting the label machine out. I use the 'box' setting on my labels, which makes them easy to then cut down to size, as explained in this post.

And here is the finished set:

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