Sunday, 24 June 2012

A tour of my Business A5 Filofax

I've posted about my business setup before, but not in any detail, so I thought I'd provide a brief tour.

This is my business Filofax. It's a Kensington leather A5. And, yes, it is black. Very, very black.

It's important to point out that I don't use this as my day-to-day Filofax. Most of the time I just carry a Personal (currently a brown Holborn), but I dust off this A5 when I'm off to see or work for a client and need to have lots of information to hand. Typically, it will be full but not bulging.

OK, then. Let's open her up.

For business, I think it is important that the setup should look professional. Consequently, my dividers are plain white card with some laminated tabs that I've pre-printed (details and template can be seen in this post.) Here is the view from the front of the binder...

... and from the back:

Turning to content, my diary section contains my Two-Page-Per-Day layout for the duration of the project. Here is an example day.

That was the day I met the Premier of Bermuda, quite a memorable day.

Most of the Filofax is filled with papers that are relevant to the client I'm working with. These documents were originally created in A4 or Letter format, so I just have to print them in booklet format on regular A4 paper, then use a guillotine to reduce them to A5 pages.

Here is an example from the 'Reports' section.

And here is a spread from 'Analysis'.

This is from the 'Tools' section.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my business Filofax. I'd be very interested in leaning what other business users put in theirs.
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