Monday, 4 June 2012

My hybrid business card index cards

It's often necessary to pass on my business contact details to people I meet, and I used to use professionally-printed business cards to do that. Sometimes I still do. But I have discovered a better way, and one that allows me to leave a more memorable impression on my contacts.

I print my own 3x5 index cards bearing my contact details. They look like this:

My business contacts get my contact details, but they also get a handwritten note above them. To make sure I always have something to write, I've omitted my mobile phone number from the printed details.

You could print these straight onto index cards, but I make mine on A4 paper, three to a sheet, using Microsoft Publisher. A printed sheet looks like this:

The printed crop marks make it very easy to cut these out, and a supply of them lives in one of the full-length pockets in my Filofax.
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