Monday 26 March 2012

Free Sudoku pages for your Filofax

Here's a way for you to carry Sudoku puzzles around with you in your Filofax.

If you enjoy solving Sudoku puzzles, you probably have a system of highlighting or crossing out candidate numbers for each square. Since this can become very messy very quickly, I have built a standards solver's tool you can use in your Filofax. Each of the 81 boxes on the grid includes candidate numbers, thus:

These are the little numbers you can cross out or circle as you're solving the puzzle, allowing you to gradually narrow down the number that belongs in that box on the grid.

Here is the file:

Click to enlarge

It is a double-sided Personal page. As usual, you can download an editable Word file or a PDF version. Print onto A4, double-sided along the short edge. Use a craft knife to cut the sheets out using a steel ruler, using the crop marks to guide you. Then punch holes and file in your Personal-size Filofax. 

Why not print a few and fill in the strarter squares from some newspaper puzzles? Then you'll always be equipped for those idle moments with your Filofax.


Unknown said...

way cool!Maybe I should learn how to do them now!

Nicole said...

Hi Steve! I was inspired by your blog. I've made the following in Pocket size: Expenses envelopes (following yours) and a list TV show episodes watched (has boxes to shade in when I've watched an ep).

Since you're handy with Excel, why not pair this with a Sudoku puzzle generator to generate puzzles with this template? :)

Ray Blake said...

Hello, Nicole, I'm Ray. Steve lives on Philofaxy. The difficult part of designing Sudoku puzzles is working out the minimum information needed to make the puzzle solvable. It's not easy and I'd rather leave that the the newspapers.

Nicole said...

Oh dear I've confused you two because Steve makes the posts about your templates on Philofaxy.

Several Excel Sudoku generators turned up in a Google search. They could be modified to make the squares bigger to accommodate this 'pencil marks' background (the close-up screenshot of your template would be the background).


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