Thursday 29 March 2012

Turbo tasks for your A5 Filofax

Despite having all that extra space, the ‘to do’ sheets in your A5 Filofax are no more sophisticated than the ones in the Personal (and indeed Pocket) binders. That’s not good enough. So today I’m offering the ‘Turbo tasks’ page. Just calling your tasks ‘Turbo tasks’ makes you feel powerful – admit it.

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The features of this form are:
  • A priority column on the left. Assign 1s, 2s, 3s or As, Bs, Cs or your own system
  • Start and finish date columns to the right. Having a start date allows you to log tasks you can’t yet tackle; the finish date lets you show hard deadlines.
  • A check box. You know what to do with this.

The other feature I’ve added is a faint line inset from the left of the task field. You can use this if you want to introduce a sort of hierarchy into your task list. You can see in the picture below how I've used this in breaking down the party task:

Click to enlarge

If your task is standalone or top-level just write over the faint line. If you are entering a subsidiary task, use it as your left-edge.

The sheet is available as an editable Word file and as a PDFfile. Either way, it is set up as an A4 document for you to print in booklet mode and then cut in half. Mirrored gutters allow space for the holes to be punched.


Alison Reeves said...

Nice one Ray!

LJ said...

Oooh - loving these :o)

Unknown said...

thats great! I think the todo sheets in the filofax line arent helpful either. Its kind of a waste to use them for that, I use them for other kinds of things but for todo lists they fail

Anita said...

Fantastic & just in time for use with my new A5 Malden!
Thanks :)


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