Saturday 3 March 2012

Download source files for the new Monthly diary layouts

It's time to get geeky again. As we did with the new A5 layouts and the new Personal layouts, Steve and I are making available source files for our new monthly layouts, too.

We're releasing them so that those of you who want to can tinker and tweak to get the unique layout that is perfect for you. These are the source files Steve and I built to produce the 2012 sets. The same ones will also produce sets for any year you care to choose. In each of the data source files, you just need to change one date - the starting date - and the file will calculate all the other dates for you. I've highlighted the cell with the date you need to look for and change in each of the files like this:

Look for the red-outlined cell - that's the only date you should change

These monthly layouts are set up to give you a whole year so probably don't need much tinkering with at the Excel end, although you might want to jazz up or adapt the Word base files. If you mess up, you can always download the file again and start over.

As long as you have some basic Word and Excel skills, you should be able to give this a go. You'll need to be able to set up a basic mail merge file link, and there are plenty of web tutorials that show you the way - Google using the search terms: Word Excel Mail Merge 20xx (where 'xx' is 02, 03, 07 or 10, depending on your version.)

If that all seems like a lot of work, you can still just download the pre-prepared 2012 sets.

Here are the source files.

1. A5 Month on One Page

Click to enlarge

Download Word File and Excel File

2. A5 Month View

Click to enlarge
Download Word File (use same Excel file as for A5 Month on One Page above)

3. Personal Month on One Page

Click to enlarge

Download Word file (print on A4), Word file (print on Personal) and Excel file

4. Personal Month per View

Click to enlarge

Download Word file (print on A4), Word file (print on Personal) and Excel file
The diary layout range is still growing. Next up, Pocket-size versions of at least some of our layouts and a yearly planner layout for A4 and A5.


Cathy Vee said...

hi ray - this is great, how do i make the calendar to start on a sunday versus a monday?

Ray Blake said...

The simple answer is "not easily" because it means restructuring both the Word files and the data. I may look at offering this for next year if there is demand.


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