Sunday, 18 March 2012

A free time and activity tracker for your Filofax

This one is in response to a request from Alison Reeves, who sent me a design she had drafted in Excel. It was for a page that would allow her to track the time she spent each day between different activities or clients. I've done very little with that design other than to add a few graphical elements and render it in Word for you to print at home. Here it is:

Each hour of the day has four little ovals you can shade in. Each represents a quarter of an hour. There is space for eight different activities/clients on a page, but the template is set up for double-sided printing, so one sheet can accommodate sixteen in all.

It is a double-sided Personal page. As usual, you can download an editable Word file or a PDF version. Print onto A4, double-sided along the short edge. Use a craft knife to cut the sheets out using a steel ruler, using the crop marks to guide you. Then punch holes and file in your Personal-size Filofax.

Using this sheet will help when billing clients. You could also use it to track just how you spend your day. If you have coloured pencils or pens, this may be an opportunity to use them.

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