Wednesday 21 December 2011

Making Filofax expenses envelopes - A5 version

Last time, I posted on how to make Personal size expenses envelopes. Today I have templates for an A5 version. As before these are provided in editable Miscrosoft Publisher and Adobe PDF formats.

This one has to be printed on 2 sheets and the a little assembly is necessary. Here are the two sheets you'll get when you print out the template:

Some instructions on assembly:
  1. Print out onto the A4 paper weight of your choice (standard 80 gsm is fine)
  2. Cut out both pieces
  3. Fold the first piece (I tend to do the folding before the cutting out, using the corner lines as folding guides, but it’s a personal choice.)
  4. Use the tabs to fold the first peice around the second.
  5. Glue or tape both vertical flaps and the bottom horizontal one to the decond piece (I use double-sided tape)
  6. Punch holes
  7. Add to your ‘Financial’ section
The templates use A4 paper. If you're printing on Letter paper try to adjust your print settings so you don't 'scale to paper size' and end up with an envelope that's not quite the right size.


Paul B said...

Ray, I just watched the video and made my first expensed envelope. Its a great design, thanks very much. My paper si very basic 80gsm paper, and the finished envelope feels a bit thin. I think I'll have to either find thicker paper or try thin card (although not sure how my £50 printer will cope with that). When I used my A5 Finsbury (until 4 weeks ago), I got through one expense envelope a week, as I am always travelling, and it alsways involves hotsl. These envelopes are exactly what I wanted for my Personal Filofax. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Ray Blake said...

I'd advise against card. As well as taking up a lot of room, it's much harder to fold and the flaps don't like to stay glued down. 90 gsm works really well.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this!


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