Thursday 13 December 2012

Make your own Midori Traveler's Notebook kraft file

Midori offer this accessory for the Traveler's Notebook:
This sits behind your main notebook (or notebooks) and holds loose items. It is Midori refil number 020. It costs around £7 and comes in a packet like this:

But it's quite easy to make one at home using an old file folder. Your folder can be A4, Letter, Legal or Foolscap size. Open it up and it'll look like this:

That central fold will be the spine of our notebook insert.

A Traveler's Notebook insert is 210 mm tall and 110 mm wide. Ours is going to be just slightly wider than that so it can sit flush behind another notebook.

Get out a ruler and a pencil and start drawing all the lines you can see below.

Once you've drawn all the lines, you can start cutting all the red lines and scoring the green ones. Here's what you should be left with:

If you want to have card slots, now is the time to cut them out, about 40mm up from the bottom edge of the flap:

You can now glue and assemble. Fold over each Flap X, then glue each Flap Y and fold them up. Hold them in place with binder clips while the glue dries.

Your finished item should look like this:

It is now ready to use. You can alter the shape of the flaps as you like. If you're holding two or more books in your Midori, you might want to make the 112mm measurement a little wider.


Unknown said...

Oh excellent, I have just finished making a notebook, for the Midori and was wondering how to do a Kraft file. Excellent post and timing Ray! I am going to give this a go, may have to remove something from the Notebook first though to fit it in. x

Ray Blake said...

Looking at how full yours is right now (mine's the same) I'd suggest you up the 112 to 116 both sides, Gail.

Unknown said...

I will do that Ray thanks. I wish I could find some leather similar to Midori, would love to have a go at making one myself. I've seen a tutorial on YouTube, it looks so easy, though I would make it an inch wider just to get a bit more in.

Juan Gabriel said...

I made it. Looks awesome! Thanks so much!!!

Juan Gabriel said...

I made it. Looks awesome! Thanks so much!!!

Hogyun said...

hi Ray,
I linked to these instructions on my newest video about the Midori TNs - pelahale.

Ray Blake said...

Found it: here.

Heynewgirl said...

I was wondering if you have made a file for the passport size. I am going to make one but thought I would ask if you knew what the measurements might be before I tried to work it out myself. I love your blog, thanks for all the inserts and ideas.

Ray Blake said...

Thanks! I haven't, but if I did, here are the measurements I'd use...

Instead of 210 mm, use 124 mm
Instead of 208 mm, use 122 mm
Instead of 112 mm, use 92 mm
Instead of 105 mm, use 84 mm

SoBe said...

Hi Ray,

I was thinking about making a kraft file for a Moleskine sized MTN I'm going to do soon (with the help of the wonderful video you made last week!). What would be the measurements for a kraft file that would fit a Notebook of that size?

Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas you share on this blog!

Ray Blake said...

For Moleskine/Field Notes size:

Instead of 210 mm, use 140 mm
Instead of 208 mm, use 138 mm
Instead of 112 mm, use 92 mm
Instead of 105 mm, use 84 mm


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