Tuesday 7 February 2012

Unstuff your Filofax with an undated monthly calendar

Who else has a Filofax that is straining at the seams? If you're like me, part of the problem is the almost completely blank diary pages from 6 months hence. I started thinking about this and realised that I only really needed to have a detailed view of the next two months or so. But I was reluctant to just carry those because now and then I have to note down more distant events.

My solution was to produce an undated monthly calendar page. I printed, punched and filled in a set for the rest of the year and slimmed down my binder quite considerably. Here is an example sheet:

There is a column next to the dates. You can either write in letters for the days (M, T, W...) or you can do what I've done and shade the weekends.

Now I can capture appointments and events several months out without overstuffing the binder. As the month comes nearer, I can transcribe these details onto the main diary sheets for that month and insert them.

You can download this double-sided page in either editable Word format or PDF format. Either way, print double-sided and trim using the printed crop marks.


terriknits said...

Ray, I had to stop by to tell you I figured out how to edit the word/excel and merge!! Then I had problems with the printing, but that's another story. Thanks again for making available the documents for us to use. I really appreciate it!

Ray Blake said...

No problem; glad you worked it out. I'm still planning that merging post, though.

Strickmuse said...

Hi Ray, I have a similar solution for mine. I print out a monthly calendar from Outlook. Current month is on top with most important dates. Here is how I did it:
Open Outlook calendar
Go to File -> print
Choose 'monthly style' in print window
Click on button 'Page set up'
Chose tab 'paper'
on right hand side of window choose the page size 'Day-timer senior pocket'
Perfect solution.

Ray Blake said...

Nice one, Susanne.

Anonymous said...

I use this template for a permanent overview of birthdays and anniversaries.

Ray Blake said...

I like that idea.


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