Saturday 11 July 2020

Free Midori TN calendar (diary) inserts for 2021: Part 1 - Full size weekly layouts

As distant as it might seem right now, as I write in July 2020, the year 2021 will soon be upon us, and keen planners will already be itching to get their new booklets organised. Here, then is the first set of my booklets for 2021.

Today’s release includes all my weekly layouts for the full size Midori Traveler’s Notebook. As always, these are free to download and print at home for your personal use.

1. Week on two pages with tasks

This was the first TN layout I designed, back when I acquired my first Midori. I've got a lot of affection for this one.

It's available in five different colours (what was I thinking?) and each booklet holds six months' worth of pages. Here are the files:

A4 sets

 Blue H1H2
 Red H1H2

Letter sets

 Green  H1 H2
 Blue  H1 H2
 Red  H1 H2
 Orange  H1 H2
 Purple  H1 H2

2. Week on two pages purist layout

If you prefer a simpler layout, you might like this one.

This comes in two booklets for the whole year. These are the files:

A4 sets

 H1 H2

Letter sets

 H1 H2

3. Week on a page purist layout

Next it's my week on a page layout. This one keeps it simple, too. 

You'll just need the one booklet for the whole year. Here you go:

Printing instructions 

You can print on to plain A4 paper in most of the world, or, if you’re in a country saddled with Letter paper, you can download a special version of your own. Either way, print at 100% – no scaling – duplexing by flipping the paper on the short edge. Then follow the instructions in the video below to bind your pages into a booklet. If you’re using Letter paper you’ll have to trim at the top and bottom to end up with a booklet that’s 210mm tall (Google will tell you whatever that is in inches, I’m sure.)


Judy H said...

While I don't utilize the inserts, I have followed you for ages and appreciate all you do for the planner community. Thanks for your efforts.

Marcela said...

Que buen trabajo. No te conocia y di con tu pagina por casualidad. Quisiera saber si hay archivo editable para pasarlo al Español. Soy de Cordoba, Argentina.

Ray Blake said...

@Marcela. En este momento solo están en inglés, pero estoy pensando en producir una versión en español. Prefiero no compartir archivos de origen. Envíeme un correo electrónico ( y le enviaré algunos archivos para que los vea cuando estén listos.

Pilot Guy said...

I had not made a note of your first layout before - I tried it and I really like it a great deal - Thanks so very much!

hallloooo said...

Dear Ray where would I be without your inserts? They are simple, elegant and perfect for my needs. Thank you!

wheres_neverland said...

Hi Ray, thank you for the effort for these amazing inserts! It's been the third year I use your insert as a template to make my own notebook every year started in 2018 :) 2020 for sure it's a tough year for everyone, take care, and stay safe! ;) Meet here again in 2021!
greetings from Hongkong.

Genny said...

Hi Ray, if you need help for an Italian version, let me know ;)


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