Monday 13 July 2020

Free Midori TN calendar (diary) inserts for 2021: Part 2 - Full size daily layouts

Following my recent post of the weekly TN layouts, today’s release includes all my daily layouts for the full size Midori Traveler’s Notebook. As always, these are free to download and print at home for your personal use.

1. Daily Journal

Nice and simple, this layout gives you a page per day with two months to each booklet. You will need to make six booklets to cover a whole year.

You get two months in each booklet, so six will make up the full year. Here are the files:

Jan / Feb A4 Letter
Mar / Apr A4 Letter
May / Jun A4 Letter
Jul / Aug A4 Letter
Sep / Oct A4 Letter
Nov / Dec A4 Letter

2. Daily Dashboard

This layout is for the control freaks most dedicated planners, offering a month planner at the front, followed by a double-page spread for each day of the month.

You need a booklet for each month, so twelve cover the full year. Here are the files:

January A4 Letter
February A4 Letter
March A4 Letter
April A4 Letter
May A4 Letter
June A4 Letter
July A4 Letter
August A4 Letter
September A4 Letter
October A4 Letter
November A4 Letter
December A4 Letter

Printing instructions 

You can print on to plain A4 paper in most of the world, or, if you’re in a country saddled with Letter paper, you can download a special version of your own. Either way, print at 100% – no scaling – duplexing by flipping the paper on the short edge. Then follow the instructions in the video below to bind your pages into a booklet. If you’re using Letter paper you’ll have to trim at the top and bottom to end up with a booklet that’s 210mm tall (Google will tell you whatever that is in inches, I’m sure.)


Lilly Tryon said...

Ray, just wanted to thank you for doing this. What a gift! Yours are the best TN pages I have found. I use the Daily Journal and the Daily Dashboard pages in my TN. I think I I've been using them for a couple of years now.

I'd like to make a few adjustments to the Daily Dashboard for things I am writing every day. Is it possible to get the Word version of these files?

Ray Blake said...

Email me and we can discuss it.


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