Friday 21 September 2012

Filofax Blog of the Week: Thoughts & Exploration

It's Blog of the Week time. Each Friday, a different blogger walks us through their Filofax blog. This week, it's Deborah who walks us through Thoughts & Exploration.

When did you start your blog?

I'm still very new to blogging! I published my first post on July 21, 2012 and it was a post on my Filofax Set-up. I always learn a lot from, and enjoy, reading about others' set-ups so I wanted to contribute and do one of my own.

What were your reasons for starting it?

I'm actually a late-comer to the blogging world. I wasn't really a blog reader until I found Philofaxy and then I discovered this whole big blogosphere! The idea of being able to publish something and have other people read it and get something out of it sounded really appealing to me. Most people enjoy talking about and writing about things that they like and things that they think about so it seemed like an interesting thing to do via a blog.

Which post has enjoyed the most pageviews?

The post that has received the most views - over 1,400 since July 21 - is my inaugural post about my Filofax set-up. It can be seen here.

Which post is the one you’re most proud of?

The post that I'm most proud of is my post titled Growing Old. Funny enough, it only received one comment and has only been viewed about 20 times yet it is still my favorite. The reason? I put myself out there. Instead of a "superficial" type of post, I opened myself up a little bit and wrote about something personal, something that touched me deeply. I remember when I wrote it and why I wrote it. I sat there with my laptop in my lap and let the words and the tears flow.

What has surprised you since you started blogging?

Four things in particular have surprised me since I started blogging. The first - there are people from all over the world who are actually reading my blog AND I have followers!!! The second - the fact that some of the things that I've posted have inspired others. The third - just how many wonderful people I've "met" virtually. And the fourth - how much I enjoy blogging.

In one sentence, how would you describe your blog to a Filofax user who hadn’t seen it?

I think the one sentence I would use to describe my blog would be the fragment that I use at the top of my blog. My blog is, "A place to explore thoughts, ideas, passions..." It isn't a blog just about my use of a Filofax (although I love to write about that), it's a place to read a little bit about a lot of different things.

Finally, what one piece of advice would you offer to other Filofax bloggers, based on your own experience?

I hardly feel like I'm in a position to offer advice to a Filofax (or any other type of) blogger since I'm so new to it myself. If I had to give advice to someone thinking about starting a blog I would say Go For It! If you are toying with the idea of blogging it's because you have an interest in having your own place where your voice can be heard. Don't be afraid to do it! And advice for an established Filofax blogger? Oh my! I guess it would be that people (at least I) like to get to know you through your posts. The more personality you let show, the better because it lets us, the readers, connect with you. Oh and one more thing (I know, you said one piece of advice but I can't help it)...when possible, include images/pictures in your posts! I'm one of those readers that loves picture-heavy posts. Now, what I would love is to get advice from all of you on how I can make my blog better! Suggestions are always wanted and welcome! Thank you, Ray, for featuring me and my blog on your wonderful site! I'm honored!

My thanks to Deborah for participating.

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Cloudberry said...

I love your blog Deborah - so inspiring. I have to thank you to introducing me to blogging - albeit by mistake!

Equally I love Ray's blog too and read it regularly for great tips and templates.

DEM said...

Thank you, Lynn! The feeling is mutual - your blog is fabulous and I think you have quite a talent for it! It wasn't by was destiny!

Thanks, Ray, for featuring my blog. You rock!

DEM said...

Thank you, Lynn! The feeling is mutual - your blog is fabulous and I think you have quite a talent for it! It wasn't by was destiny!

Thanks, Ray, for featuring my blog. You rock!

DEM said...
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