Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Download a Meals Planner for your A5 Filofax

I was asked by a reader, Jane, to create a weekly meals planner. She wanted to be able to plan for the week ahead, shop accordingly and at the same time track her spending against a budget.

I created a four-page planner that might be of use to anyone who wants to take a more organised approach to feeding themselves or their family.

Here's what it looks like. The first page is about establishing a starting point for the week in terms of budget and what is already to hand.

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Then comes a two-page spread with meals on the left and categorised shopping lists on the right.

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Finally, page 4 allows you to add non-food shopping and to review your week and look forward to the next one.

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You can download the pages as either an editable Word file or as a PDF file. Either way, it is set up as an A4 document for you to print in booklet mode and then cut in half. Mirrored gutters allow space for the holes to be punched.

Because (like the party planner) this prints as a single sheet in booklet mode, you could just fold it and use it as a standalone booklet rather than cutting and punching to put in your Filofax.
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