Tuesday 25 September 2012

Download your free meal planner for the Filofax Personal

I recently made a meal planner for the A5 Filofax available. I was asked to produce a version for the Personal size, which I am making available today. Certain compromises have been inevitable, but I'm really happy with the finished product.

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Print a number of these and you'll be able to plan ahead. Getting a whole week in one view just isn't possible in the Personal size, so I've gone with four days and allowed you to carve up the week as you see fit. The shopping list on the right hand side means that your menu and your grocery shopping can be perfectly aligned. When you know exactly what you'll be cooking you'll shop accordingly and save waste and money.

You can download the pages either as editable Word files or as PDF files. If using the PDF versions remember to set your printer settings so as not to shrink the pages.

Download the pages as a Word file or a PDF file.

Each file should be printed double-sided with the duplex set to flip along the short edge. You can then cut out and punch individual pages as outlined in this post.

1 comment:

Jenna said...

This is great, thanks! I don't cook everyday anyways so this will be perfect.


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