Tuesday 10 July 2012

Photographic Filofax dividers template for Pocket size

I recently created a template people could use to make their own dividers for the Personal Filofax.

I have now developed a companion template for those wanting to make Pocket size dividers. The template is built in Word:

Click to enlarge

Each page will end up being printed on A4 card and contain two different Pocket-size dividers, with crop marks to make cutting them out easy. All you need to do is add your pictures, and delete the tabs you don't need. Each template has six, evenly-spaced tabs but you could easily alter the template to cater for - say - ten tabs if that better meets your needs.

When you add pictures, you'll need to position, size and crop them. This will be hard if you don't know how to make pictures 'float' in a Word document. To do this, once your picture is in the document, right-click on the picture and from the pop-up menu, select 'text wrapping', then 'behind text'. You can then drag the picture around at will.

Study the illustration below to see what all the marks and shapes in the template are for:

Click to enlarge

If you've done everything right, you'll end up with a document that looks like this:

Click to enlarge

Print this on card, crop using the marks, taking care around the tabs, then punch as usual. You can wrap some clear plastic film around the tabs and cut off the excess if you want the dividers to last longer. If you look at the dividers that came with your Filofax, you'll notice this is what they do with the standard dividers.

Anyway, if you have that creative feeling you can download the Word file and get started.


T-na said...

Thank YOU! I made do with cut out postcards as customized pocket dividers but these ... these are beyond wonderful. Can't wait 'til my next planner tweak day (I have to schedule / limit those days otherwise I don't get anything done!).
Thanks for remembering us Pocket people :)

Ena said...

Wow, great idea!!!
Thank you very much, Ray!!!
I´ll try this as soon as possible!!!

JohnofJenkins said...

I measured the size of the divider and created a emplane on Publisher. I printed them all the same size and used Avery Labels at the various places as required. They work well and I am peaked with them. However, it was your post that inspired me to have a go at them. Thank you.

Mary said...

Very cool! I love this idea!

Doris said...

This is great, thanks! Gonna try it out real soon.

Cheryl said...

Wow thanks this is awesome! Going to give this a try for my pocket and personal. When you say 'clear plastic film' to wrap around the tabs do you mean laminating sheets or tape? Just curious, not sure what 'clear plastic film' refers to. Thanks again!

Ray Blake said...

I mean this stuff.

Paul B said...

Just successfully printed two dividers for my wife's vintage Pocketfax (the 4-hole version, so thansk for adding the 4-hole-friendly punch guides!). I've always been foxed by how to move a photo in a box. Now I know, thanks to your post. Thanks for passing on the knowledge, Ray, its greatly appreciated.


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