Sunday, 22 July 2012

Welcome to Journalling School

The 15th of February 2005 was an important day for me. It was the day I began the journal that I have maintained almost every day since.

In the last seven and a half years, I have learned an awful lot about journalling. Indeed, I have learned a lot about writing generally. When I began I was very unsure about how to start, what to write about, how much to write - both in terms of the volume of text and its content - but I've slowly worked most of it out over the years.

So I thought I'd pass on some of the things that I've learned in a series of articles that I'm going to call 'Journalling School'. I hope that it will be useful for three kinds of people:

  • People who have never thought of journalling before but who might like to give it a try
  • People who have tired journalling in the past but abandoned it, who would perhaps like a kick start to get going again
  • People who are already writing journals but would like some new ideas to inspire their day-to-day entries

It's called 'Journalling School' but you don't need to enrol. There are no exams or registers and you cannot possibly fail.

The first Journalling School article will land tomorrow. If you follow this blog already, you'll get all the articles.

I'd love to hear from people about their journalling experiences and ideas; I'm convinced we learn best when we share.

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