Monday, 16 July 2012

Handy Task Tabs for your Filofax

Today's DIY project is what I'm calling Task Tabs. These are little half-width pages you can slot between diary pages to collect and manage ad hoc tasks. Here is an example:

Note that I've simply jotted tasks here and crossed through them when I've accomplished them. I've used a Frixion pen so that when this one becomes full of completed actions I can just zap it in the microwave to remove all the ink and use it again.

So far, so good, but there's one more trick. I printed this on card and after I'd punched it, cut slits between each of the holes and the inside edge, which means I can do this:

Yes, I can move this around in the diary, putting it between different pages without having to open the rings. The tab at the top means it can effectively replace my 'today' marker, too.

I am publishing the template so that you can make your own if you want. 

One piece of A4 card yields four Task Tabs. I've given each a different colour, but you can change these however you like.

If you want to try these out, download the Word file.

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