Sunday 1 July 2012

Adding a pen loop to your Filofax

A single pen loop is common, at least for Personal size Filofaxes. Often, they are a little ungenerous, refusing to accommodate wider pens like the Frixion. The solution is a Leuchtturm 1917 pen loop.

Here it is in its packaging:

I attached mine to a transparent envelope, near the back of my Filofax and stuck it so it protruded a little:

Note how it accommodates the wider Frixion without difficulty. The slight protrusion is important so that your pen clears the divider tabs, like this:

And here is how it looks with the binder closed:

And finally, from above:

The Leuchtturm 1917 pen loop costs just £2.50 or so and I am finding it makes a big difference to the usability of my Filofax. I got mine from Cult Pens (no affiliation, just a happy customer.) 


LucyLastic (All Things Stationery) said...

I got one of these from Amazon but haven't actually felt the need to use it yet. I think they're a really good idea, especially for people who don't use Filofaxes and use diaries that don't have a pen loop at all.

Regarding the Frixions, I solve the problem of fitting them in my pen loops by putting a 0.7 refill in a 0.5 barrel. But as I use slimlines now, it isn't an issue anyway because only the clip of the pen fits in the loop. Which I'm finding is actually surprisingly handy!

Anonymous said...

Staples also has these for $2- I have one in my Malden!

Just a tip for those of us in the States...

Angel Jem said...

Neat! I use a small paper clip fastener thingy attatched to a transparent pocket and slide my pen grip in and out. I borrowed the idea from someone else. It's good, because I can use the clip to hold receipts,pieces of paper etc and they come in a range of colours. Buy this looks like a cracking idea for my work binder.

DEM said...

J- did you get your at an actual staples store or online? I tried Office Depot yesterday but no luck.

Unknown said...

I LOVE these pen loops! I put one into my Compact Metropol, and am planning to do a combination flyleaf/Leuchtturm hack for my Malden soon.


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