Monday 27 September 2021

Free Midori TN calendar (diary) inserts for 2022: Part 4 - Personal size layout

Today I'm updating the week on two pages layout I produced for the Personal size. It's free for personal use like all the others.

You have the choice of downloading this in A4 or Letter format. Either way, you will need both the Half 1 and Half 2 files to make both booklets covering a full year between them.

2022 A4 version



2022 Letter version



You can get more guidance on booklet making in this video.

Remember that you will need to trim Personal size booklets more narrowly, as well as trimming the top and bottom.


Samson said...

2022 A4 version H2 is wrong.
2022 letter version H2 also.

Ray Blake said...

@Samson. Thank you for letting me know. They should now be fixed if you download again.


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