Tuesday 11 December 2012

New and improved task pages to download for your Filofax Personal

One of the things I learned when building this Midori diary layout was that I prefer my task list checkboxes to be on the left of the tasks rather than on the right, as they normally are. It's a much stronger visual indication the task is complete; if there's a tick in the box, your eyes don't even scan the task itself.

Here's the standard Filofax task sheet:

My redesign is pretty simple, but for me makes a big difference:

As well as moving the position of the checkboxes, I've given them a drop-shadow and provided 16 rather than 12 task spaces per page.

The page will print double-sided, two-to-a-page on A4 paper. You can download the pages as either an editable Word file or a PDF file.

If using the PDF versions remember to set your printer settings so as not to shrink the pages.

Each file should be printed double-sided with the duplex set to flip along the short edge. You can then cut out and punch individual pages.


pattygardner.com said...

Much better. I never understood why the boxes were on the right. Much less satisfying.

Rianne said...

Yes i achter. From now on this wil be my go to tracklist


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