Tuesday 24 January 2012

Download a perpetual calendar page maker for your Filofax

Single-page calendars are handy. You can use them for counting days or weeks, or just for finding out quickly on what day of the week a certain date falls.

I've built an Excel file that calculates days and builds an A4 or A5 calendar page for any year - past, present or future. All you have to do it enter the year you want and it does the rest for you.

Download the Excel file and play with it as you wish. The formulae behind the calculations are all there for those of you with the geek gene. I've confined the colours to shades of grey, but you could easily add your own dash of colour should you wish.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the Perpetual Calendar is it possible to change the font from Calibri to another also is it possible to reduce the overall size to fit in a Personal size Filofax?

Ray Blake said...

Yes, feel free. I've left the file fully editable.


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